Winterizing Your Pool with These Simple Tips

With the cooler winter weather fast approaching, it is the best time to get your backyard pool ready for the temperature drop. Even though the Northern California area does not typically get heavy snow fall or freezing temperatures, it is just as important to winterize your pool for the cooler weather.

Winterizing your pool has many benefits. Not only will you save money on supplies, maintenance, and utilities, but it will also ensure that your pool is in the good condition when the weather warms back up. Keep these simple winterize tips in mind to protect your pool this winter.

  • Completely clean your pool, including removing all of the debris and dirt from the skimmer basket.
  • Put all of your pool equipment away to make sure that it is not damaged in the cooler weather.
  • Make sure to have us make sure that your pool is at the proper pH level. Also check all of your pool equipment to make sure that it is functioning properly.
  • Thoroughly clean the filter. Starting the winter season with a clean filter will help to ensure that it works properly throughout the cooler months.
  • Cover your pool with a sturdy cover to help keep most of the debris out of the pool and help keep the skimmer and filter clean, longer.

While places that tend to have freezing temperatures drain their pool in the winter, it is not typically needed in California. Water build up in the ground under the pool can cause the pool shell to be lifted out of the ground, or crack the plaster.

For all of your questions or concerns when it comes to preparing your pool for winter, contact Clean and Clear Pools in Danville, California. We can help with all of your pool needs to ensure that your pool is ready when the temperature starts to rise again.

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