Caring for Your Pool During a Water Shortage

water shortageDue to the droughts in California, towns and cities across the state are beginning to mandate water restrictions. This is affecting many pool owners who find they don’t have the water to properly fill their pools during this water shortage.

However, just because you don’t have the water, doesn’t mean you can’t care for your pool.

We have extensive experience caring for pools in all sorts of condition–even during times of drought and water shortages, as is sometimes the case here in California.

We feature products designed to maintain a pool through water shortages. So, let us come and help you maintain yours today.

Pool Maintenance During Water Shortages

Maintaining a pool during a shortage is similar to caring for the pool on the off-season. Our pool service can properly cover your pool, or maintain the current water level you have right now.

We can add a cover to your pool to reduce evaporation. They are priced affordably, just call us for a quote on a solar pool cover today.

Another option is cover free. We have a liquid solution that will reduce water evaporation in the pool. This can be added for a fee of $20. Talk to us about your options.

Our specialists will assess your situation and give you the best plan of action. You can keep your pool in the best possible shape throughout the water shortage.

We can help prevent algae growth, and keep your filters clean and free of debris. Plus, these solutions can reduce the chance of any residual damage during a long drought. 

A pool is one of your biggest investments. So, keep it in proper shape. For more information on maintaining a pool during a drought, contact Clean and Clear Pools Inc. in Danville, California today.

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