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How Much Do You Know About El Nino?

El Nino Facts It is almost impossible to listen to a weather forecast without hearing about El Nino. With one of the most severe droughts creating a dwindling water supply throughout California, many residents are looking forward to the heavy rains that El Nino is predicted to bring. Keep these El Nino facts in mind to ensure that you know

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Is Your Backyard Pool Drought Tolerant?

Pool Drought Tips The California drought is one of the worst droughts in history, and is showing no signs of getting better. While this means many homeowners are letting their lawns turn brown and looking for drought tolerant landscaping options to help do their part to save water, it may not mean emptying out your backyard pool. Studies have shown that

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How Does Your Pool Fit Into the California Drought?

California is currently in one of the worst droughts in history. While many of the lakes in the area are at their lowest levels ever, having a backyard pool is a great way to still enjoy the water. However, the drought has caused many restrictions to be put on pool building and draining. The severe drought has brought on strict

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Caring for Your Pool During a Water Shortage

Due to the droughts in California, towns and cities across the state are beginning to mandate water restrictions. This is affecting many pool owners who find they don’t have the water to properly fill their pools during this water shortage. However, just because you don’t have the water, doesn’t mean you can’t care for your pool. We have extensive experience

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