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Keeping Your Pool Chemistry In Check

Pool Chemistry 101 The key to keeping your pool crystal clear all year round is pool chemistry. Luckily, you do not have to be a scientist to understand the chemistry of your backyard pool! There are two main elements to pool chemistry that you should focus on – sanitation and water balance – that will help to keep your pool

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4 Simple Yoga Exercises You Can Do In Your Pool

Pool Yoga Exercises Having a regular yoga routine is a great way to help you feel better both mentally and physically. However, finding a class and buying all the necessary equipment may not be on the top of your priority list. Luckily, you can enjoy yoga right in your own backyard pool with these pool yoga exercises. Cobra – stand

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Is Your Backyard Pool Drought Tolerant?

Pool Drought Tips The California drought is one of the worst droughts in history, and is showing no signs of getting better. While this means many homeowners are letting their lawns turn brown and looking for drought tolerant landscaping options to help do their part to save water, it may not mean emptying out your backyard pool. Studies have shown that

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Basics of Backyard Pool Safety

Pool Safety 101 Even as summer comes to an end, the California weather still allows for plenty of time spent in the pool. Even though it may not seem like a big deal to jump into your backyard pool, it can be very dangerous if you do not take the proper precautions. Keep these pool safety tips in mind to

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Keeping Your Pool Looking Its Best

Pool Owner Advice Having a backyard pool is one of the greatest ways to enjoy the California heat. However, unless you are a pool expert, chances are you have some questions about how to maintain it properly. To ensure that your pool looks it’s best all year round and is ready for you to take a dip, keep this advice

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