4 Simple Yoga Exercises You Can Do In Your Pool

Pool Yoga Exercises

Having a regular yoga routine is a great way to help you feel better both mentally and physically. However, finding a class and buying all the necessary equipment may not be on the top of your priority list. Luckily, you can enjoy yoga right in your own backyard pool with these pool yoga exercises.

Cobra – stand with your feet about 2 feet from the pool wall in chest-deep water. Grab the side of the pool and hold your forearms flat against the wall. Arch your back and tilt your forehead backward, stretching your belly button towards the wall. Move onto your toes and breathe deeply for 3 slow breaths, then slowly come out of the pose.

Stork – standing in waist-high water, bend your knee and lift your right leg until your thigh is parallel with the floor of the pool. Keep your toes pointed and press your left heel down. Hold your right toes with one hand and slowly straighten out your leg as much as you can. Pull your toes toward you and breathe deeply for 3 breaths. Return to a standing position and switch to the opposite leg.

Backbend – stand with your back 2 feet from the wall in chest-high water. Inhale while arching backward, bringing your hands over your head until you can grab the wall. Hold the position for 3 breaths while you push your belly button away from the wall and then slowly come out of it.

Plank – place your toes on a shallow end step and lay straight with your arms slightly in front of you. Push down on a pool noodle while you keep your body straight. Breathe deeply and hold the position for 30 seconds. Relax, and then repeat.

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