Close Down Your Pool for Winter With This Checklist

Cleaning poolNow that the cool fall weather is here, and the winter weather is fast approaching, it is time to close down your pool for the season. To ensure that your pool is properly closed down and will look and work its best when the weather warms back up, keep this checklist in mind.

  • Balance the water. A shock treatment will help to keep the water at the right balance all fall and winter long. Also, make sure to add any necessary algaecides to keep the water clear while your pool is not in use.
  • Check all the pool equipment for cracks or damage. Replace any damaged equipment to keep it running properly all fall and winter.
  • Vacuum the bottom and sides of the pool. Completely remove any debris that can damage the lining of your pool if it is left to sit for an extended period of time.
  • Remove all pool accessories, such as ladders, and store them in a cool, dry place. This will not only help to ensure that the accessories are not damaged in the cold water, but that nobody can get into your pool when they are not supposed to be.
  • Cover your pool with a sturdy cover. Do not use a mesh cover, since it will allow debris to fall into the pool, which can create problems while it is not being used regularly. Make sure to install the cover properly and that the edges are tied down to prevent anything or anyone from getting into the pool.

For all of your Northern California residential pool cleaning needs and to help get your pool ready for the cold temperatures, contact the pool professionals at Clean and Clear Pools in Danville, California.

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