Get the Truth About Chlorinated Green Hair

Pools are an inviting necessity as temperatures rise. But, as you look longingly at that sparkling blue water, you may be asking yourself if your blonde tresses are going to turn green from the chlorine in the pool. The answer is no. 

That green tinge does not come from the chlorine. It comes from trace amounts of copper found in old fittings, pipes and other plumbing supplies or in algaecides containing copper.

You need not worry, though. You can easily avoid the green tint with the right shampoos, conditioners or leave-in conditioners. Usually, anything with dimethicone in it will do. You can even use olive oil or some other natural oil to seal the cuticle. This keeps the copper from bonding with your hair and leaves you with healthier hair that is the color you want it to be. 

Contact the experts at Clean and Clear Pools, Inc. for the perfect chlorine and chemical mix in your pool. They serve Danville, California and surrounding areas.  They can help you keep the chemicals in the pool instead of your hair. 

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