4 Steps to Convert Your Pool to a Salt Water Pool

Chlorine pools are the most common types of backyard pools. However, salt chlorine generator pools are becoming a more and more popular option. Luckily, if you are thinking of switching over to a salt water system, it is much easier than you may think. Keep these steps in mind to help convert your pool this summer.

  1. Choose the right salt chlorinator – salt chlorine generators convert typical table salt into chlorine that can be used to sanitize your pool. There are many different brands that are available for your salt chlorinator. No matter which brand you choose, make sure that you invest in the right size for your pool.
  2. Decide how much salt and what kind – the best type of salt to use at your pool is non-iodized salt, which is plain table salt. You can purchase salt in bulk from hardware, home goods, or pool supply stores. When deciding how much salt you need to add, follow the recommended amount that can be found in your manual.
  3. Eliminate phosphates – phosphates are the number one source of algae, as well as acting as a glue of contaminants that can cause scale buildup in your salt cell. Phosphate test kits are available at local pool supply stores and can help you ensure that your pool always has the correct level. Keep in mind that you will never be able to completely eliminate all phosphates from your pool.
  4. Maintain – when maintained properly, your salt cell can last up to five years. Make sure to keep up with your phosphate checks as well to keep your pool looking and running its best.

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