What Will Affect The Color Of Your Pool Water?

VillaPool Colors 101

When deciding on a pool finish, your main consideration should be what color you want your pool water to be. However, after filling your pool up, you may find that the color of your pool water is a little different than the color you were expecting. If your pool water color is different from what you were expecting, do not worry. There are a variety of things that can affect the color of your pool, including:

  • Water depth – the color of the water in your pool will depend on the depth of your pool. Shallow areas of your pool will have a much lighter color than the deeper area of your pool. If you have a wading area of your pool, it will be a completely different color than the deep end of your pool.
  • Weather – sunny, spring days will bring out much more vibrant colors of your pool water, while the water will look darker and more gray or blue on days that are overcast. The position of the sun throughout the day will also help to determine the color of the water.
  • Reflections – any walls, foliage, or fences that are around the pool will impact the color of the water. Any greenery that is around your pool will give your pool water a greenish tint. If you have trees around your pool, it will not only make the water seem greener, but it will also make it darker.
  • Stone and glass accents – if you want to enhance the color of your pool water to make it look its best, add some stone or glass bead accents.

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