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Determine What You Need to Know About Your Pool and Evaporation

Find out what you need to know about water evaporation and your pool. The height of summer is here and temperatures are sweltering. It’s the perfect time to use your pool. However, it’s important to be wary of water loss. While splashing causes some water loss, it’s important to be vigilant about evaporation. In the summer, evaporation is a big

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What to Know About Testing Your Pool Water so That You Can Ensure Your Pool is Clean

Find out what you need to know about testing your pool water. The best way to determine whether or not your pool is healthy is to test the water. That way you have the tools that you need so that you’re best able to keep your pool safe for swimming. Learn why it’s important for you to test your pool

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What Will Affect The Color Of Your Pool Water?

Pool Colors 101 When deciding on a pool finish, your main consideration should be what color you want your pool water to be. However, after filling your pool up, you may find that the color of your pool water is a little different than the color you were expecting. If your pool water color is different from what you were

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