Put An End To Murky Pools With Effective Chlorine

Chlorine is an interesting chemical that functions as a safe and healthy water purifier when used properly. If you have ever experience burning eyes as you swim, it’s not just because the water was chlorinated. This chemical has to be used properly to keep algae and bacteria from taking up residence in your backyard waters.

Many homeowners accidentally make it harder to keep the pool clean by using too little of this important cleansing agent. Effective sanitizing requires quite a bit of free and accessible chlorine in the water. When the levels drop, the molecules can bond with various forms of nitrogen in the water to create the compounds that sting your eyes and give the pool an unpleasant odor. Proper chemical balancing also reduces the load on the filtration and skimmer units.

Learning the correct way to chlorinate your pool is a snap when you work with Clean and Clear Pools Inc. They are ready to help everyone in the Danville, CA area enjoy a cleaner, safer, healthier pool throughout the swimming season.

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