Swimming Pools May Help Your Child Excel In Life

swimming pool backgroundSwimming Pools Impact On Child Development

If your small child loves the pool, you may have a new reason to let them frolic in the water more often. A new study that was done over a three year span showed that children who learn to swim early in life score higher on aptitude tests and are more coordinated.

The study, which was conducted in Australia shows that children who took swimming lessons at an early age reach physical and mental milestones much earlier than children who did not swim. The study also helped to validate the thought that children who started swimming at young ages tend to grow up to be more expressive and confident adults.

Close to 7,000 children who were under the age of five, from various countries that were learning how to swim, were studied by researchers at Griffith University, in Queensland, Australia. The children in the study were used to determine when children were able to achieve certain major cognitive, physical, and emotional milestones. The information that was gained was compared to generally accepted developmental indicators for young children, such as walking, talking, and counting. To validate the results of the study, the researchers gave 200 of the sample children various cognitive tests.

The study was able to show that learning how to swim at a young age increases intelligence, while also helping them to achieve developmental milestones much earlier. Children who were able to swim were also able to do physical feats faster than children who were not able to swim. The tests done as part of the study showed that children who swim at an early age are months ahead of children who do not know how to swim when it comes to different milestones, including reading, writing, and counting.

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