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Delicious & Easy to Make, Check Out These Healthy Summertime Snacks for Your Kids

Healthy snacks for your kids this summer. After spending the day swimming in the pool, you and your kids are sure to work up an appetite. Be prepared with summertime snacks. Just be sure to keep them healthy. Check out these healthy summer snacks for your kiddos. Fruit Juice Popsicles. When it’s hot outside a cool treat is a great

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5 Benefits of a Backyard Pool

How You Can Benefit From a Backyard Pool Walking out into your backyard and seeing your pool can create an automatic sense of calmness. Along with making your home a little more peaceful, there are many other benefits of swimming pools, including: You can enjoy a “staycation” – instead of paying hundreds of dollars to enjoy the pool at a

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Swimming Pools May Help Your Child Excel In Life

Swimming Pools Impact On Child Development If your small child loves the pool, you may have a new reason to let them frolic in the water more often. A new study that was done over a three year span showed that children who learn to swim early in life score higher on aptitude tests and are more coordinated. The study,

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