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Great Reasons Why You Should Start Swimming More Often

Swimming has excellent health benefits! February is American Heart Month. Celebrate your health and practice healthy habits by swimming. Swimming is a great practice to keep you and your heart healthy. Whether you’re partial to freestyle or the butterfly, start swimming more often! Check out these ways it benefits your health. Low Stress Cardio Swimming is great cardio to get your

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Go Paperless With Clean and Clear Pools!

Paperless Billing Benefits Are you looking for a new way to lower your environmental impact? Then switch to paperless billing! At Clean and Clear Pools, almost 50 percent of our customers are still getting paper bills, which can be a waste of many natural resources. According to PayItGreen.org, if only 20 percent of households across the country switched to paperless billing, every

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5 Benefits of a Backyard Pool

How You Can Benefit From a Backyard Pool Walking out into your backyard and seeing your pool can create an automatic sense of calmness. Along with making your home a little more peaceful, there are many other benefits of swimming pools, including: You can enjoy a “staycation” – instead of paying hundreds of dollars to enjoy the pool at a

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Benefits of Hiring a Pool Professional

Owning a pool can turn your backyard into an oasis. Properly maintaining your pool can also be a big hassle! Hiring a pool professional to take care of your pool is the best way to keep the water clear for every season and save you money in the long run. There are many benefits of hiring a pool professional, including: Chemicals

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