Go Paperless With Clean and Clear Pools!

Paperless Billing Benefits

Are you looking for a new way to lower your environmental impact? Then switch to paperless billing! At Clean and Clear Pools, almost 50 percent of our customers are still getting paper bills, which can be a waste of many natural resources.

According to PayItGreen.org, if only 20 percent of households across the country switched to paperless billing, every year:

  • 543 million pounds of wood from trees and 147 million pounds of paper would be saved.
  • We could avoid greenhouse gas emissions that are equivalent to taking 61,000 cars off the road.
  • Stop creating enough waste water that could fill 2,472 Olympic sized swimming pools.
  • Avoid using 15 million gallons of gas for mailing statements, bills, and payments.

There are also many other benefits to switching to paperless billing, including:

  • Better security – almost 10 million people had their identity stolen last year, most of which was the result of stolen mail. The more personal information that is in your mailbox, the greater your risk of identity theft. Having your bills sent online can help to reduce your risk of getting your identity stolen.
  • Greater organization – studies have shown that there is a direct link between receiving paperless billing, which helps to reduce clutter and a person’s mental and physical well-being. Getting your bills online can help to ensure that you do not have piles of paper work sitting around your house, which can not only lead to higher anxiety, but also the perfect breeding ground for dust mites, dust, and pet dander.

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