Great Reasons Why You Should Start Swimming More Often

Health Benefits of Swimming Danville CA

Swimming has excellent health benefits!

February is American Heart Month. Celebrate your health and practice healthy habits by swimming. Swimming is a great practice to keep you and your heart healthy. Whether you’re partial to freestyle or the butterfly, start swimming more often! Check out these ways it benefits your health.

Low Stress Cardio

Swimming is great cardio to get your heart pumping, but unlike most other cardio routines, there’s less stress on your body. The buoyancy of water helps to defy gravity and keep your joints from any jarring and painful movements. If you have any injuries them swimming is the best cardio that you can get.

Endurance, Strength, and Cardio

Swimming gives you the exercise trifecta. You use your whole body when swimming which helps you to get strong and fit in many capacities. Laps build your endurance, and strengthen and tone your muscles. Plus, the properties of water will help you to improve your flexibility too!

Helps your posture.

Swimming will help you stand up straighter. Because you’re floating, you need to engage your muscles to balance. These core exercises will help to improve both your balance and your posture.

Improves Mental Health

While swimming certainly benefits you physically, it also benefits you mentally. The tranquility of the water helps you relax. Plus, the exercise helps you to alleviate stress. As your endorphins kick in you’ll leave your workout feeling accomplished, relaxed, and content.

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