Types of Swimming Pool Algae

Dusting the trunk of a stately tree, algae doesn’t seem out of place.  However, when millions of these single-celled organisms cause a scum on a swimming pool’s surface, most people want them to disappear as fast as possible.

These organisms grow on pool water or on its structural surfaces because of a chemical imbalance.  Correct analysis and treatment by a pool service will send them packing. The types of pool algae take their names from their colors.

Probably the most common type is green algae.  It floats freely on the water, but can also climb pool walls and create greenish patches.  However, when small-celled green algae are present, the water in the pool stays predominantly clear.

Mustard algae range from yellow-green to brown.  A collection looks like dirt or sand on a pool’s bottom or sides.

While people call the third type black algae, the organisms have a blue-green color.  They collect in stubborn spots on a pool’s surface, where they form layers. 

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