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Determine What You Need to Know About Algae Prevention in Your Pool with These Tips

Learn how to prevent algae growth in your pool with these tips.  When it comes to your pool, there are various threats to its safety. From debris to a chemical imbalance, it’s important to be vigilant so that you can keep your pool as healthy as possible. When it comes to algae in your pool, it’s important that you clean

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With El Niño Rain, Keep Algae Away: Pool Cleaning Tips

Prevent algae flares in your pool this El Niño season! With the expected El Niño rains expected this year, make sure your pool stays in great shape. Rain can affect the pH of the water and can wash algae into your pool. Keep algae at bay this El Niño season with these algae fighting tips. Regularly test your water chemistry.

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Prepping Your Pool for the Winter Months

Winterizing Your Swimming Pool Winter pool maintenance is simple and should be completed as regularly as possible. With the cooler weather threatening to hit Danville, California, it is now the perfect time to prep your pool for the winter season ahead. While you think that maintaining your pool ends at preserving the pool chemicals and pulling the cover on every

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Dealing With Algae In Your Pool?

Identify And Remove Algae Algae can be a problem for people who have swimming pools—particularly in the warmer months of July and August. Here is some information about the different types of algae you may find in your pool and what you can do. Prevention: The easiest way to remove algae is to prevent it in the first place. Salt

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Types of Swimming Pool Algae

Dusting the trunk of a stately tree, algae doesn’t seem out of place.  However, when millions of these single-celled organisms cause a scum on a swimming pool’s surface, most people want them to disappear as fast as possible. These organisms grow on pool water or on its structural surfaces because of a chemical imbalance.  Correct analysis and treatment by a

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