With El Niño Rain, Keep Algae Away: Pool Cleaning Tips

Anti Algae Pool Tips Danville CA

Prevent algae flares in your pool this El Niño season!

With the expected El Niño rains expected this year, make sure your pool stays in great shape. Rain can affect the pH of the water and can wash algae into your pool. Keep algae at bay this El Niño season with these algae fighting tips.

  • Regularly test your water chemistry. A higher pH will help kill any algae. Stick to levels between 7.8 -8.0 when you have an algae problem.
  • Run your filter. Your pool filter helps to keep your water clean. If you suspect an algae problem, run the filter for a good 24 hours. If the problem persists continue to run the filter.
  • Don’t forget to brush. Algae can latch on to the walls of your pool. Make sure to invest in a special pool brush and thoroughly brush your walls. Just be sure that the brush is suitable for the type of pool. Nylon brushes are usually the safest bet, but make sure to double check so that you don’t damage your pool.
  • Vacuum your pool too! Once you’ve brushed, take care of any debris by vacuuming. If you have stubborn algae, try adding a flocculant to the water. It will help the algae bind so that it’s easier for the vacuum to pick it up.
  • If you do have algae in your pool, make sure to add a algaecide to the water to stop it from growing. But be sure to wait until the chlorine has dropped below 5.0 ppm.

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