Upgrading Your Pool? Consider These Trends

Check Out These New Pool Trends

Having a backyard pool gives you a very unique landscape to work with when decorating your backyard. Renovating and upgrading your pool can dramatically transform the look of your outdoor space. Consider these pool trends when upgrading your pool this season.

  • Salt water pools – even though swapping out your pool for a salt water chlorinator may not make a big visual difference, it is one of the biggest trends. Salt water chlorinators eliminate your need for manual application and storage of chlorine, while also helping to prevent itchy eyes and green hair.
  • Glass roofs – if you want to be able to fully enjoy your pool no matter what the weather is like, you are sure to love the glass roof trend. These enclosures allow you to enjoy your pool even on the coldest days without feeling like you are trapped inside.
  • Color LED lights – LED lights are both attractive and energy efficient, helping to bring a romantic feel to your backyard nightlife. LED lights will add both beauty and charm to your pool and the surrounding landscape.
  • Built in seats – built in seats allow for much more comfort around your pool and allow you to flex your creative ideas with the design of the steps.
  • Electronic auto fills – you will never have to worry about a low water level again with an electronic auto fill system. These systems will monitor the water level in your pool and make sure that it is always filled to the proper level.
  • Dark colors – dark bottomed pools are not only the current style but they also work best to keep your water as warm as possible. Choosing a pool design that has a medium to dark color can help you save money with your heating needs, creating an eco-friendly backyard.

For all of your pool maintenance needs when looking to upgrade your pool, contact Clean and Clear Pools in Danville, California.

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